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The Ritello is CERTIFIED

Health and safety are of utmost concern for us at Librex. For that reason, we have conducted Independent laboratory tests to prove that the Ritello® Cleaning System is a safe and sound product. The combination of the water-based/separator technology and a HEPA Neutralizer allows the Ritello® to trap virtually 100% of the household dirt and improves the indoor air quality.

The Ritello® is certified by the GERMAN Center of Preventative Medicine – ZPMed and is recommended for Allergies and Asthma sufferers. Additionally, the Ritello has been certified by the following renowned marks and bureau of certifications.

Ritello® Water Filtration Vacuum
Cleaner – USE & CARE
How to Set Up the Ritello®
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How to Use the Ritello®

How to use the Ritello®
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How to Set up the
How to Set up the Ritello®

How to Clean the Ritello®
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Ritello® Water Filtration
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